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Camilla Micheli

My story

Camilla Micheli

Back in Bergamo after five years in the Canaries

I’m Camilla, 27 years of age, and last October I decided to open Viale Roma in my home town, in Bergamo province. After graduating in advertising graphics, I decided to set off on a wonderful adventure in the Canary islands. So, in 2016, I moved to Fuerteventura, inspired by a great desire to explore the world. It was a wonderful five-year-long adventure which helped me to grow and change. On the island I began by working as a waitress in a few bars and then set up in business on my own. It was a small mobile shop selling women's clothing and bikinis. I bought a van and started selling at markets and a few hotels. It was a small business but one of my first satisfactions. When the pandemic emergency ended, I came back to Italy to make my true dream come true.



Five years away from home and my family taught me that loving ourselves is crucial to both finding our own inner balance and if we are to love other people.

I believe strongly in the energy exuded by people, places and things and so I learnt to surround myself in positive vibrations only. I am grateful to life for what it has given me and above all for the people I share it with.

Some years ago now I decided to fix myself both short and long term goals because I believe this helps me to organise my future better and make my dreams, both large and small, come true.



I continue to explore life in the hope of uncovering its latest secrets and finding out more about myself, to understand myself better.

I am an extremely curious person and love learning new things. I want to grow every day both personally and professionally.

This is why I like travelling and don’t want to miss even a single corner of this world. I adore sport, painting, yoga and meditation. I love mountains, and the oceans even more, and do free diving.

Essentially, I love everything which keeps me active, as this is stimulating and keeps my energy positive. I try to immortalise every important moment to collect my best memories.

Viale Roma project

Viale Roma

I have always dreamt of having something of my own, of creating a joyful and welcoming environment.

A shop in which my clients feel at home and find a smile, as well as original and top quality products.

When I came home, to San Giovanni Bianco, I was given such a warm welcome and this prompted me to invest in my own area and people. I like the idea of passing on my style and passions and getting positive feedback from people makes me happy. In a small town like mine I think that a shop is a great added value in social terms too.

This is why my clients are much more than that. First and foremost they are fellow citizens who drop in to see me for a chat and to see what my world is like.

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Viale Roma is much more than bags and accessories. It's also positivity and fun!


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