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Free deliveries on orders over €100

Terms of service


The owner of the site domain is the Viale Roma company whose owner is Camilla Micheli (hereafter Viale Roma), with registered headquarters in San Giovanni Bianco (BG), Via Roma 12, 24015 tax code MCHCLL95A42H910Q - VAT no. 04547910168.
These general conditions govern the relationship between Viale Roma and users buying leather goods and steel accessories and all other products sold by Viale Roma via the website mentioned above;
All communications relating to this contract must take written form and be sent to the following email address: These sales conditions are considered to have been read, understood and fully accepted when clients agree to buy products sold by Viale Roma. Any conduct by one of the parties, even if reiterated, which does not correspond to one of these conditions in no way in no way affects the right of the other party to demand that they be applied at any time.



Viale Roma delivers all over Italy (islands excluded), using Bartolini couriers delivering in 24/48 hours at a cost of €5=. Orders over €100 are delivered free of charge.

Delivery times and methods are as follows:

  • Italy: 24/48 hours from order processing
  • As these are products ordered online, the user or person representing the user specified in advance must be present to receive the order;
  • Where users are not present at the delivery place and time agreed Viale Roma cannot be held responsible for delivery delays;
  • In the event that the couriers tasked with delivering the goods ordered are unable to deliver the goods for reasons attributable to the user (for illustrative purposes only: user failure to be present at the agreed time and place) any costs incurred by Viale Roma in further delivery attempts will be charged to the user. Pursuant to commercial law all Viale Roma deliveries will be accompanied by official invoices showing the value of individual items in Euros. Where discounted items are concerned invoices will show discounted prices. Viale Roma delivers products to the address supplied by clients in the appropriate section of the purchasing process.



Orders are processed, i.e. sent, by Viale Roma from Monday to Friday, by 11.30 am. Orders arriving after this are processed on the subsequent working day. Orders made on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday are processed on the following Monday morning.
Orders are processed on receipt of payment to Viale Roma. During sales periods delivery times may be longer. In all cases Viale Roma reserves the right to delay deliveries in the event that force majeure prevents normal services from taking place.



As these are products ordered online, the user or person representing the user specified in advance must be present to receive the order at the agreed place. When the goods arrive it is the client's responsibility to check the package carefully before signing for it. Boxes containing clients’ products are carefully sealed and must not be tampered with in any way whatsoever. If they have been tampered with clients must specify this on receipt or reject the delivery. In any event, once the delivery document has been unconditionally signed for, Viale Roma accepts no complaints regarding the products delivered. Clients ordering products enter a commercial relationship with Viale Roma and undertake to take delivery of their packages. Where deliveries are hindered for reasons attributable to clients (wrong address, addressee repeatedly absent, incorrect telephone number, etc.) or where clients reject deliveries (except in the cases set out above), expenses relating to delivery, warehouse charges and any customs dues will be charged to clients. Viale Roma is also not liable for any delays attributable to couriers or force majeure (strikes, transport difficulties, adverse weather conditions, etc.). Clients will be promptly notified of any such issues. In all cases, no sums whatsoever are payable by Viale Roma in the event of delivery delays: in compensation for delays for both material and immaterial and/or indirect damages (for illustrative purposes only: loss of earnings, loss of income, loss of profit, damage to reputation, site stoppage damages, etc. in either asset related or non-asset related terms).



Viale Roma is not liable for any damages resulting from wear and tear and use of the products it sells which may occur during transport.



Users undertake to confirm orders of the products selected and pay the required sums for them. Once payment has been made and sums have been credited to the Viale Roma bank account sales contract s are considered complete. Users hereby indemnify Viale Roma from any liability deriving from any mistaken or false fiscal or financial data entered into forms. In the event of Viale Roma incurring fines, this latter may seek compensation from users entering mistaken or false data. Viale Roma reserves the right to reject an order. In the event that Viale Roma has already received payment for such an order it will issue a credit note and proceed to refund sums paid by the user.



Prices are shown on Payments and invoices are in Euros. Product prices include VAT only.
Viale Roma makes use of Bartolini couriers and delivers across Italy at a cost of €5.00=. Deliveries are free for orders over €100.



IPromotional codes are personalised vouchers entitling clients to take advantage of discounts on Viale Roma products. The section relating to this service appears on page one of the purchase process: once items have been added to the cart clients continue with the purchase process and a screen appears in which delivery data is to be entered and a space in which to enter promotional codes is shown alongside this.

A number of restrictions apply to the use of Viale Roma promotional codes:

  • they can be used once only;
  • they cannot be converted into cash;
  • only one code can be used per order;
  • a start and end date applies which limits their validity.
  • Promotional codes can be used together with coupons and vouchers issued in the event of applicable credit. Clients opting to receive the Viale Roma newsletter during registration will be kept up-to-date on promotions and promotional codes.



Viale Roma accepts the following payment methods:

- Credit card

- Visa, Maestro, MasterCard and American Express (AMEX)

- Bank transfers: in such cases orders will be processed and sent only after payment has been received

- PayPal: clients choosing this option can pay directly via a personal PayPal account.



In the event of problems occurring during the order phase purchases can be made by phoning 3391822032. During opening hours Viale Roma staff will be happy to assist clients through the payment steps. Alternatively users can send an email to together with a phone number on which they can be contacted by staff subsequently.



Viale Roma is in no way liable for non-fulfilment of its obligations where this is due to force majeure, i.e. when it can be demonstrated that:

  • non-fulfilment is due to causes outside its control;
  • non-fulfilment could not be foreseen when the contract was agreed;
  • non-fulfilment could not have been overcome by reasonable effort proportional to the obligation. In the event of temporary non-fulfilment Viale Roma undertakes to notify users of both non-fulfilment and its termination. Where this temporary non-fulfilment lasts more than three months either party to the contract is entitled to terminate it on grounds of force majeure.




Where clients are not satisfied with the goods purchases these can be returned within 14 days of the order reception date. In such cases clients will be refunded in accordance with their wishes, pursuant to the provisions of article 52 of the Consumer Code. Clients buying more than one product are entitled to return just one of these if preferred.


Clients can return items using a courier of their own choice or using our courier (Bartolini). In any cases return delivery costs are payable by clients.

The following sets out the types of compensation referred to above in detail:

  • Store Credit: clients can spend these at a time of their choosing.
  • Refund: once the goods have been received, their condition verified and the return accepted, refunds will be processed immediately (by means of the method used for payment).



  • Products returned to Viale Roma will only be accepted if they have not been worn, washed or otherwise altered in such a way as to show signs of use.
  • Items must be returned with all their labels (with no sign of alteration), packaging and accessories in the condition they were received in. All products must be returned together their original box which is to be considered an integral part of the product itself and must not be damaged and/or altered in any way nor used as sole external packaging.
  • Returns must be sent inside the box they were received in. Where this does not occur Viale Roma reserves the right to demonstrate the condition of the goods at the moment of reception via photographs and charge clients for any expenses required to restore them to their original condition. Products returned unapproved and in the absence of conformity with even one of the terms and conditions set out in the returns policy as shown above will not be accepted. Such products will be returned to clients at the original delivery address.




During sales periods delivery times may be longer. In all cases Viale Roma reserves the right to delay deliveries in the event that force majeure prevents normal services from taking place. Viale Roma reserves the right to reject an order or a single service at any time.



Viale Roma’s sole purpose in creating and publishing its site is to establish Italian/international business relations with parties to be considered end consumers.

The products on sale on the Viale Roma site are designed for end consumers. Viale Roma considers end consumers to be natural persons buying products for non-entrepreneurial or professional purposes and not for resale of the products bought on Viale Roma invites all those who do not conform to this definition of end consumer to abstain from business transactions and from sending in orders for goods to sell via third parties. In the light of this Viale Roma reserves the right not to process product orders not destined for end consumers or, in any event, do not correspond to its commercial policies.

In the event of users who are not end consumers supplying false data Viale Roma reserves the right to take action against these users for the purposes of obtaining compensation for material and immaterial damages. Viale Roma reserves the right to reject an order. In the event that Viale Roma has already received payment for such an order it will issue a credit note and proceed to refund sums paid by the user.



  • Clients must respond to the commercial policy requisites set out above.
  • Clients must possess the necessary requisites to enter legally binding contracts.
  • Clients must have a valid email address.
  • Clients must have access to one of the payment methods accepted by Viale Roma.



Viale Roma publishes its products and related information on its personal website https:// for the purposes of supplying a service to its users but is not liable for any technical and/or printing errors which may be present on it.

Clients are requested to notify the company of any such errors they may find (mail:

These will be corrected immediately. Viale Roma does not guarantee that the information given on its personal site conforms to the laws governing the country clients live in and reserves the right to correct and make changes to its site without advance warning where it considers this to be appropriate. Conformity to European laws is, in any case, applicable both as regards consumer safeguards and where personal data processing is concerned. Supplying false information for the purposes of completing an order is totally forbidden. Where this occurs clients are liable for any damages to Viale Roma deriving from any false information they may give as well as that required of Viale Roma by any third parties.

Users hereby indemnify Viale Roma from any liability deriving from any mistaken or false fiscal or financial data entered into forms. In the event of Viale Roma incurring fines this latter may seek compensation from users entering mistaken or false data. Viale Roma guarantees that its site is protected pursuant to international internet standards.

Clients can be reassured that viruses are not present. However Viale Roma is not liable for any viruses (or other problems) clients may encounter deriving from the misuse of its website or for any website functioning anomalies resulting from the deactivation of cookies in client browsers.




Viale Roma accepts no liability whatsoever in the event that any specific configuration (or malfunctioning) of a client's PC/tablet/smartphone may lead to slight differences in the colours shown on the website from its actual product colours. The images on Viale Roma’s site are the company's sole property.

Any unauthorised use of these will lead to legal action being taken. For further information on the subject contact the company's assistance office at



The products on show exact availability by size and colour. The authenticity of all products is guaranteed. Clients sending in orders are sent an email confirming the actual availability of the products chosen.

The successful outcome of transactions will also be checked. Where products ordered are not actually available or other hindrances to the fulfilment of the order have arisen Viale Roma will notify clients of this immediately.



Clients using the Viale Roma site undertake to accept the conditions present in the following declaration and respect them. The website and related services are solely for personal use (of the end consumer). The pages viewed by clients are shown for the purposes of product information related to the potential to buy these. This contract is to be understood solely pursuant to Italian law. Any disputes arising from interpretations and/or performance and/or resolution of this contract falls under the sole jurisdiction of Bergamo court or justices of the peace.



Any amendments or additions to the contractual conditions come into effect solely and exclusively on approval by the parties to it. Any invalidity or non-applicability of one or more contractual clauses in no way invalidates or nullifies the other clauses in it.



All documents, images, characters, layout, software, codes and script formats are the sole property of Viale Roma. No reproduction, redistribution to third parties or alteration of these is allowed without prior approval.



For the purposes of this contract parties are domiciled at their respective registered offices. All communications regarding the fulfilment of the contract will be made and sent via email with the exception of communications in which specific notification forms are legally required.



Users confirm that they have read and accept the notice pursuant to EU regulation 679/2016 and legislative decree 196/2003 and subsequent amendments. The parties guarantee reciprocally that the data supplied for the purposes of this contract will be processed in accordance with principles of lawfulness, minimisation and adequacy. The parties to it confirm their awareness that communicating users’ personal data is indispensable to the fulfilment of the contract and that Viale Roma may communicate these to external service suppliers.


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